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Flush out the perfectionism,
so that the real you can flourish

Perfectionist Detox

You think perfectionism is your armor that makes you invincible and shields you from hurt and criticism.

But the reality is that the armor of your perfectionism keeps you from connecting because people can’t see your heart.

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And it keeps you from achieving your dreams because all that creativity is locked in and can’t get out.

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The pursuit of perfection takes the breath from your biggest dreams.


You take your heart and compare it to someone else's polished exterior and you feel this pressure. The pressure to be flawless. The pressure to be perfect.

but When you’re stuck in perfectionism, you simply can’t create from the heart.


Here's the thing... the goal is never supposed to be perfection.


Your goal is always to bring your heart, your gifts, and your work to the table and to know that it's enough.


Perfection exists on a level not realistically built for dreams.


Dreams are messy, vibrant, and all yours. But perfectionism says that in order for you and your dreams to be valid, you need to have yourself together.

You might think that your perfectionism is what makes you strong, but in reality it eats away at you from the inside out.

You might think that your perfectionism is what makes you successful, but in reality it’s holding you back and it keeps you from shining.

Deep down you know this. But the thought of giving up your perfectionism scares you to death. And so you’re stuck.

Your perfectionism gives you an out to quit on yourself.

What if I told you that there's a way to overcome your need for perfect?

Instead of hiding behind your perfectionism,
your life could look like this...

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Peace and rest

Creating and nurturing

Doing it your way

A sense of self-worth

People saying “give me your beautiful heart”







Frantic and frayed

Fear and procrastination

Trying to fit into somebody else’s mold

Believing that who you are isn't enough

Your inner critic saying “you’ll never get it right”

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Perfect has nothing on wide-eyed,
open-souled presence.


Oh man. You’re so in the right spot.

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That’s where Perfectionist Detox comes in. This course presents you with a step-by-step plan to deal with your perfectionism once and for all.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Flush out your fear and anxiety, so that the real you can flourish
  • Slim down your need for constant comparison, so that the real you can shine
  • Cleanse yourself of your tendency to people please and seek approval, so that the real you can connect and feel connected

Have you noticed how this course isn’t called Perfectionist Rehab? That’s because I won’t ask you to give up your diligence, your attention to detail, your keen eye for quality over quantity, your high standards, or your preference for structure and organization. Those things are your strengths and talents.

As a designer, your attention to detail is what makes your work stand out and be memorable.

As a photographer, your keen eye for quality is what sets you apart from all the other photographers out there.

As a baker or chef, your diligence in measuring out the ingredients and preparing the food and your tendency to work in a structured manner is what creates the best dish possible.



It’s just that you’ve been abusing your talents through perfectionism. Now, let’s liberate and leverage those talents to overcome your #perfectionistproblems.

After going through the Perfectionist Detox process, you’ll no longer call yourself a perfectionist.

That’s right, you’ll be a proud, soul-connected, dream-chasing imperfectionist*

(* Or... recovering perfectionist / optimalist / good enough-ist / gratefulist, or whatever name feels right for you!)


It’s time to stop being the queen of
“it’s not quite ready”.

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You, my friend, are not alone in your struggle with perfectionism


Here's what a few perfectionists in the Soul-Connected Squad (that's our online community for creatives) had to say about their work and life before Perfectionist Detox:


"Perfectionism keeps me up till 1am when the realistic side of me said the work was fine at 10pm. I have a tendency to not be able to move forward until things are seemingly 'perfect', and I'd love help in just letting go of all of that to just put what I've made out into the world, without worrying about whether it's perfect or good enough."


"Perfectionism keeps me from finishing anything. Everything ends up in draft mode."


If I were to sit down with you for a cup of coffee right now, I would tell you she’s kind of a witch with a b, that perfectionism.

I should know. My perfectionism started when I was very young and it blossomed in high school and college.

But when I was tired of my perfectionism getting me nowhere and I decided to do something about it, I hit a brick wall. There was no information out there. None. Aside from Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly and one article deep down in the archives of Psych Today, there was no help available.

All that I could do was turn to my own experiences for answers and create my own blueprint. It was a lonely process and self-doubt crept in more than once.

I don’t want you to go through what I went through. That’s why Perfectionist Detox is a comprehensive, one-stop-shop, step-by-step program. It’s all you ever need to overcome your perfectionism.

After starting out as my own guinea pig and then talking to and working with dozens of creatives, I know how possible this really is. You don’t have to keep hiding behind perfectionism. Perfectionist Detox will show you how. I’ve seen it work.

If I can overcome my perfectionism, so can you.



Perfectionist Detox is a video lesson course that’s made up of 10 core modules, plus an introduction and a bonus module.

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In module 1 you’re going to dig deep into the nitty gritty of what perfectionism is, which will help you get a better understanding of why you feel the need to perfect and how it affects your work and life. If you want to be able to change a habit, you first need to understand it.

Because perfectionism is a way of coping with fear, this second module is all about dealing with your fear so that when that familiar itch to perfect comes around you no longer have to give in. This module is the heart and soul of the course and it’ll impact and transform your life way beyond letting go of perfectionism.

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Module 3 shows you how to bridge the gap between perfect and reality, so that you can actively start working toward your dreams and doing #allthethings that your perfectionism prevented you from doing before. You’ll focus on taking action to leave behind the perfectionist hustle and procrastination paralysis and start creating from the heart.

This is where you’ll start to see what happens when you stop focusing on not enough and start embracing the mindset of more: more flow, more connection, more meaning, more contentment, and, as a result, more clients, better work projects, and more income.


In modules 4 through 7 you’re going to implement tips, action steps, and methods that help you keep your comparison, procrastination, people pleasing, and approval addiction in check, which will help you do the things you want to be doing in your work and life without being distracted by FOMO, other people’s opinions, and shiny object syndrome.

And finally, modules 8 through 10 are all about the importance of practicing gratitude, embracing imperfection, and de-stressing. The practical strategies in these modules are going to help you build resilience against perfectionism on a day-to-day basis and set yourself up for long-term success.


Want bonuses? You got it.


Perfectionist Detox is a $297 investment. Investing in Perfectionist Detox will not only give you access to all 10 core modules, with video lessons and written text, but you’ll also get over $600 worth of bonus content for free.



Actionable worksheets to help you put what you’ve learned throughout the course into practice.

$97 value

My best-selling ebook Growing Gratitude, a step-by-step guide to kickstart an easy-to-keep gratitude habit.

$18 value

Live group coaching calls, where you can ask questions and get advice on the parts of the Perfectionist Detox process you find yourself struggling with.

$297 value

A private, members-only Facebook community just for students of Perfectionist Detox. This group is our headquarters and a great place for you to share your struggles and successes and connect with other creatives going through the same process of letting go of perfectionism as you.

$197 value


You can’t be perfect and chase your dreams. imperfections help you learn and grow.


Get gutsy. Get messy. Get real.

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So, here’s a question for you.



What would being able to put down the armor of perfectionism for good mean to you?

What would your life look like and your work be like if you could start creating from the heart, knowing that what you put out there is enough?


Now, I want you to really imagine it.


I want you to take a moment to think about what that would look like for you and how you would feel on a day-to-day basis.

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No more…

… feeling like who you are and what you do isn’t good enough

… feeling paralyzed by comparisonitis, the procrastination bug, and pleasing #allthepeople

… cheating yourself out of all the beauty that comes with being completely yourself



… showing yourself grace every single day

… embracing your imperfection as the place where the light comes in and breaks through

… knowing when to (and how to) simply stop and breathe, when you find yourself in the spin of 'must go faster'

… taking action on your dreams instead of spending all that time second-guessing yourself

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Whatever is holding you back, stop letting it.

Letting go of your perfectionism doesn’t mean that you have to stop being type A or give up on all your talents. No, you’re going to flush out those perfectionist tendencies so that your talents can take center stage.

Letting go of your perfectionism doesn’t mean that you have to stop striving for excellence. On the contrary, chasing perfection is a huge time drain and without it you’ll get to excellence a whole lot faster.

Letting go of your perfectionism doesn’t mean that you give up on becoming successful. In fact, perfectionism doesn’t help you achieve your goals. It holds you back and hinders achievement. How many times have you not done something you’d wanted to do, because knowing you wouldn’t be perfect at it made you anxious? I know I have.

Do you have trouble
trusting “perfect people”?
Then, why are you trying to be one?


I get it. I got you.

That’s why I’ve created Perfectionist Detox.

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You don't have to
go through this alone


"I struggle with forgiveness toward myself. I noticed I'm pretty good at forgiving other people's mistakes, but when it comes to me... if I didn't reach my daily goals, I feel incomplete and unsatisfied. Actually it's getting better, but up to a couple of months ago I used to consider days as 'wasted' when I managed to complete only 80% of my tasks."


"Perfectionism makes me take forever to do everything because I need everything done 'just right'."


Perfectionism and comparison
are just a couple of bullies.


Don’t listen to them.

Listening to perfectionism means cheating
the world of your gifts.


Hey, Wendy here! I’m the beach-lovin’ gratitude geek behind The Gratefulist. I believe you and your creations matter. I believe you have a purpose, a message, something that needs to be shared with the world.

I’ve made it my mission to do just that: to help you let go of your perfectionism and embrace your perfectly imperfect self so that you get to work toward fulfilling your purpose. I want you to not just fulfill your dreams, but slingshot them into outer space (wouldn’t it be great if that was possible?!).

I want you to actively create your life. And I believe you’re so, so capable of doing that.

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This course is
for you if...


... wearing the armor of your perfectionism leaves you exhausted.

... you’re sick and tired of hiding behind your perfectionism and not reaching your fullest potential.

... you're fed up of feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed and never good enough.

... you’re ready to dig in deep and do the work.

... triple spell-checking the most basic email before sending it and then afterwards going into your ‘Sent’ folder to quadruple check if your spelling and tone really was okay, leaves you feeling drained. (Anyone? Or is this just me?)


This course isn’t for you if...

... you think being a perfectionist makes you a superstar.

... you just want to be told what to do.

... you’re looking for a quick fix.

... you’re not willing to work on yourself, your habits and, at times, feel a little uncomfortable.

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+ What if giving up my perfectionism makes me lose my edge?

First, letting go of perfectionism gives you your edge back.

Second, give yourself a little credit. You are more than your perfectionism. You have so much more to offer to the world. And you know it’s time to put down that armor and shield, so that you can start to shine. You got this!

+ Can I start working through this course whenever I want? I’m busy right now, can I go at my own pace?

Absolutely. You do not need to start right away. You have lifetime access and are welcome to start whenever works for you.

+ What format is the course content delivered in?

Good question! The course materials are shared as video lessons, written text below each video, printable slides, and worksheets. So, whether you prefer to watch, read, write, or listen to the content, you’ll be set.

+ How long do I have access to this course?

How does forever sounds? Enroll in Perfectionist Detox now and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, which will continuously be updated with any new strategies, videos and course materials.

+ Is there support when I take this course?

A super supportive Facebook group is part of the package when you enroll in the course. Plus, you’ll be part of the family. So if you have any questions that arise during or after the course, you can always email for advice, encouragement and a helping hand.

+ How does an online course work?

An online course is a complete digital learning experience. Immediately after you purchase this course, you'll be sent an email with details on how to login to a members-only website where you'll be able to access the modules. This course allows you to work through each lesson at your own pace. All lesson materials are delivered via video tutorials and PDF downloads, all of which is housed in that members-only website.

+ I'd love to invest in Perfectionist Detox, but I just don't have the money right now. Is there anything I can do?

Look at it like this: your perfectionism is bothering you and you want to do something about it. You could hire a life coach and buy their one-month coaching package for $297, which is actually on the lower end of the pricing range for life coaches. What you’ll receive in return is maybe one live coaching session, a few homework assignments, and email support. There is value in working with a coach, but, let’s be honest, you won’t make much progress in one coaching session. Perfectionist Detox is the same investment, but it comes with 10 times more valuable, practical, and actionable content plus live coaching calls and community support.

The same could be said for seeing a professional counselor or therapist, for - on average - $100 per hour. There is value in being in therapy (I was for 1.5 years, so I should know), but how much progress in letting go of perfectionism can you really make in three sessions?

Perfectionist Detox is a $297 investment and it gives you all you ever need to let go of your perfectionism, for good. You have lifetime access, so you can fall back on the lessons and action steps again and again. There will be regular coaching calls. You can ask an unlimited amount of questions in the Facebook Group and ask for all the support you need. It really is a no-brainer.

+ What if I am unhappy with the course?

Here’s the thing: I don’t want you to impulse buy this course, if you’re not sure about it. I want you to be fully motivated and fully committed to making this course work for you. I promise, it’ll be worth it!

+ Do you offer any refunds?

If you implement the strategies and don't see any results within 30 days, I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. However, I'm confident that you'll be delighted with the course and you’ll see the benefits of your hard work well within 30 days.

+ What do I do if I have more questions?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Shoot me an email wendy@thegratefulist.com and I’ll answer any question you might have.

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Here’s what you’re going to walk away with…


When you enroll in Perfectionist Detox, you’ll get:

  • 10 modules worth of video lessons
  • Actionable worksheets (bonus) ($97 value)
  • Growing Gratitude ebook (bonus) ($18 value)
  • Live group coaching calls (bonus) ($297 value)
  • A private Facebook group for students (bonus) ($197 value)

That's over $900 worth of content and bonuses for $297!


Progress over perfection.


All progress begins with a brave decision. Let Perfectionist Detox be your brave decision.